Join and take part in this weekly online discussion where men and women speak candidly on their opinions. We cover life topics that are affecting people today! So a group of strangers share their opinions on life topics and become new friends. 


This living room session is where Mars & Venus truly collide – you won’t want to miss it. Come and tell us your opinion on this week's topic!

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Check out the fun!


We provide:

  1. An escape from the everyday stresses of life – even if its just for 1 hour 

  2. A platform to connect with other people, laugh and make new friends 

  3. A platform to share from your experiences and learn from others 


Because connecting with others, laughing and sharing opinions is good for your mental health.

2020 left a lot of people feeling alone and isolated. This weekly session feels like inviting new friends into your living room and taking part in fun discussions where everyone’s opinion counts.  

We discuss social issues that we can all relate to… we keep it real but we also keep it fun!