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“What’s Your Opinion?” is an interactive weekly lifestyle talk show covering topics such as mental health, finances, relationships, family and career .etc. The show provides a safe place for people to discuss their personal and societal assumptions. The outcome is increased self-awareness, improved mental health and commitment to personal growth.

In an era where so many have been feeling isolated, alone and disconnected, What’s Your Opinion? has built an inclusive healing community where participants find humor, connection and feel understood.

What’s Your Opinion? provides a fresh take and a new approach to traditional talk shows. The moderators ensure all participants get to contribute and maintain objectivity for full topic exploration.  This in turn, provides great entertainment and encourages healthy views and acceptance of diverging opinions.   

A living room session where Mars & Venus truly collide – you won’t want to miss it. Come and tell us your opinion on this week's topic!

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Check out the fun!