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Ontario Bars & Restaurants Giving Massive Discounts in “Eat Out To Help Out” Campaign

As Patio Season ends, #EatOutToHelpOut is providing a much-needed boost for hospitality businesses during the fall and winter seasons.

Following the success of the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme in the UK; Ontario restaurants are offering patrons up to massive discounts on select menu items between Mondays and Wednesdays. Guests are still required to follow all social distancing rules.

As “patio season” ends, many venues are anxious about surviving the pandemic winter. It has been incredibly difficult for the hospitality sector, both during the lockdown and emerging from it. Restaurant owners are bracing themselves for a dramatic loss in traffic and revenue. The “Eat Out To Help Out” scheme will play a part in helping businesses drive traffic through the fall and winter seasons.

Since reopening, restaurants and bars across Ontario have put social distancing measures in place to ensure that everyone visiting stays safe. Drinks have only been served via table service and customers have been booking visits in advance. Venues are also being disinfected regularly and staff have been well-equipped with the training and knowledge needed to keep customers safe. However, at least 56% of people in Ontario don’t feel comfortable going to bars, restaurants and events post lock-down.

The “Eat Out To Help Out” campaign aims to help establishments attract more traffic during their slow days by giving patrons a substantial discount as an incentive. Venues are offering a range of special deals and covering the costs themselves in hopes to help build consumer confidence within the hospitality sector especially during the fall and winter seasons.

“We are delighted to support our nation’s efforts to rebuild our economy and believe investing in our hospitality industry is vital to our economy’s success;” said Kimberly Simon, Founder of The Venue Global App – a platform that is leading this initiative. “Our hope is that #EatOutToHelpOut will help build consumer confidence for restaurants, bars and cafes, providing a much-needed boost for hospitality businesses in fall and winter.”

As part of #EatOutToHelpOut, consumers can enjoy reduced prices from venues including Kensington Brewing Company, Montecito, CRAFT Beer Market, PLANTA Yorkville, Il Covo and Many More.

For details on participating establishments please visit

About The Venue Global Inc.

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